IVR Solution

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad and route the calls to their desired departments. Equipped with tons of advanced and self-help features, We won’t do any wrong in calling it a boon in disguise. A very easy example to explain this complex definition in simpler terms is a call to the customer care wing of any telecom company where a pre-recorded voice welcome us like “Welcome to Vodafone. Dial 1 for English 2 for Hindi, Dial 1 for prepaid 2 for postpaid and so on”. Unlike earlier times this boon technology is not limited to receiving and routing the calls only, it now plays a crucial role in.

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Tracking And Generating Sales Lead

The word that reign the supremacy in today’s tough business environment is “Niche” yes every third person wants wants to master the art of providing Niche services Keywords for content, creating…

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Call Recording

Websites nowadays have raised their bars, they are designed with certain inbuilt features that helps the users to track not only only the footfalls but also to monitor the ads or campaigns if any…

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Creating Survey Campaigns And Many More

PPC ads though are best possible medium to reach or to connect your clients instantly, but if not managed properly, can make you penniless. There are a lot of filters available for advertisers

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Our Multi Feature Cloud Based PRI Solution Guarantees You 100% ROI.

If you are thinking that choosing keywords, bidding properly and setting certain filters can make you win this relay race so easily then you are actually day dreaming my friend.The most important task while showcasing..

IVR is a magic wand for several sectors like

Retail, Health care, Bank, Hospitality etc. Let’s discuss a bit about the usage of IVR in these sectors

BanKing :

Implementing IVR can helps the banking sector

  • To shed out the load of innumerous calls in a single line
  • To route the calls to the specific departments. Meaning extension 1 for account information, 2 for loan, 3 for new account 4 for updates about new investment etc.
  • To generate fully automated self- help IVR process

Hospitality Sector:

Now let’s analyze the picture of hospitality sector

  • Get a unique number that will become the brand number of their organization and the users can call the same number for reservation, for banquet, for restaurant
  • Calls will be answered via virtual receptionist and will be redirected to specific departments.
  • Call recording feature can let them to cross check whether the clients are handled properly or not, as in the hospitality industry communication is the key to success.

Retail Sector