If we define this three words in simple terms then it would be “Usage of social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to connect to your desired clients or to showcase your products to billions of people via these social media platforms”This sound so simpler and easier but does the functionality of this three letter wordsis also simpler like its meaning? Actually not.

Yes, by social media marketing we generally refers to connecting to billions of people via social media platforms but it’s much more than that. With increase in business pressure and competition everywhere, every business tycoon wants to lead the market. Everyone wants to connect to the customer in the best possible way infact they want their product to be placed first in front of consumers. But with billions of brands and millions of products revolving all around us humming uniqueness somehow, is it easier to do so?

Yes it is. It’s all about a proper advertising or marketing strategy. Gone are the days of broadcast and outdoor media now Social Media Marketing is in buzz everywhere whereby starting from listing your business in social media platforms to posting videos and pictures of your products, you can even track the progress , success and engagement of your campaigns.