Innovation and inventions are the buzz of the nation now. We at Mobinext keeps on brushing our gray matters to provide innovative solutions to our clients that can help them to accentuate their business and to reach upto their targeted clients easily. Our Service, Voice call is simply a wonder to get you maximum ROI and for this you just need to send us a recorded voice message. And after that just sit back and relax. Our team will do the rest of the work for you. Our voice SMS service let you reach out to your target audience in the easiest, fastest & most cost effective way. We will be sending your recorded voice message to millions of recipients in the form of a voice call and the moment any recipient receives the call, he/she will be able to listen to that recorded message. With our new feature of caller ID you can even set your mobile number or landline number as the caller ID of your call and the voice call will display that particular number. You will be charged only for the received calls. Bulk Voice calls can be used for a wide range of applications like Political Campaigns, Customer Surveys, Mobile Marketing, Meeting alerts, Wakeup calls, Stock Alerts, EMI Alerts, Medicine reminders, etc.

Useful For

  • Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders.
  • Marriage Reminder Calls (Special package).
  • Marketing products & services.
  • Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium
  • Announcements
  • Collection Agents (Telephone Bills, Installments Due etc.).
  • Utility bills (EB, Telephones, Gas, etc.).
  • Bank Branches, Insurance Agents.
  • Travel Agents, Tour Operators.
  • Supermarkets / Malls.